Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

BB King
Singing the Blues.

All the great guitarists came to fame in the second half of the twentieth century.

With the introduction of electric guitars, these innovative musicians created new sounds and invented new playing techniques.

Over the past six decades they have made a huge impact on popular music.

There are plenty of other musicians who could appear in a list of guitar greats. The five guitarists featured here are outstanding musicians who have always been an inspiration.

Each of them is also celebrated for having created a unique new sound and style of playing the guitar.


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Greatest Music Bands Of All Time

The Beatles
Who is the best band?

There are many musical icons that have graced us with their beauty, fame and talent through the years. It is a hard prospect to pick just five talented bands out of the many who have given their lives to music.

Bands are some of the biggest acts to hit the scene and since the twenties bands have been huge to the public.

Beginning with the “Big Band Era” bands have given us something different which is a band of musicians producing the sound. Musicians producing the band sound are from many genres.

The Rock-n-Roll scene has produced the most bands in history so this is where our countdown is for the five greatest bands of all time.


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