Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

BB King
Singing the Blues.

All the great guitarists came to fame in the second half of the twentieth century.

With the introduction of electric guitars, these innovative musicians created new sounds and invented new playing techniques.

Over the past six decades they have made a huge impact on popular music.

There are plenty of other musicians who could appear in a list of guitar greats. The five guitarists featured here are outstanding musicians who have always been an inspiration.

Each of them is also celebrated for having created a unique new sound and style of playing the guitar.


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Greatest Music Bands Of All Time

The Beatles
Who is the best band?

There are many musical icons that have graced us with their beauty, fame and talent through the years. It is a hard prospect to pick just five talented bands out of the many who have given their lives to music.

Bands are some of the biggest acts to hit the scene and since the twenties bands have been huge to the public.

Beginning with the “Big Band Era” bands have given us something different which is a band of musicians producing the sound. Musicians producing the band sound are from many genres.

The Rock-n-Roll scene has produced the most bands in history so this is where our countdown is for the five greatest bands of all time.


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50 Years On The Stones Still Rock

Rolling Stones
Greatest of all time?

I grew up with the The Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the Swinging Sixties. You were either a Beatles fan or a Stones fan and I fancied Mick Jagger.

In 1963 I saw the five fresh-faced lads on stage and how they rocked. I also live in Sussex near where Brian Jones met his untimely death in 1969.

Sacked by The Stones for his drug problem he mysteriously drown in the swimming pool in his Hartfield home shortly afterwards.

The original line-up I saw was:

  • Brian Jones
  • Mick Jagger
  • Ian Stewart
  • Bill Wyman
  • Charlie Watts

Fifty Years on The Rolling Stones still rock.

It is hard to believe The Rolling Stones still rock fifty years on. How many seventy-plus year-olds can do this? Ronnie Wood is the “baby” of the current band at the age of sixty-seven.

When you add up the combined ages of today’s line-up it amounts to two hundred and eighty-two years.

The birthdates of today’s Rolling Stones are:

  • Mick Jagger 26th July 1943 – age 71
  • Keith Richards 18th December 1943 – age 70
  • Charlie Watts 2nd June 1941 – age 73
  • Ronnie Wood 1 June 1947 – age 67

The Stones finally make it to Worthy Farm

In 2013 I achieved two of my greatest ambitions. I went to the famous UK festival at Worthy Farm in Glastonbury. Fifty years on I saw The Rolling Stones in concert again on the Pyramid Stage.  Due to my bad eyesight I bought myself a pair of binoculars before heading to Glastonbury, boy am I glad I did.

Mick was singing lead and backing vocals, playing harmonica and guitar, Keith Richards was also singing lead and backing vocals and on guitar.

Ronnie Wood was playing various types of guitar and singing backing vocals and Charlie Watts was on drums and percussion.

Terrific Atmosphere and Red Lips

I was surrounded by the familiar red-lipped T-shirts that is the emblem of the Stones, many worn by youngsters who were not even born when they were formed.

You could feel the excitement as the time drew near for their first appearance. Then they burst on stage with Mick Jagger exuding energy with Jumping Jack Flash, this was followed by Paint it Bleed.

Keith sang Let it Bleeds’ You Got Silver and Happy and the cheer that went up when they closed the show with (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

The crowd did not want to let them go but they finally left the stage accompanied by a massive firework display.

Still Sexy at Seventy

At the age of 70, as he was then, Mick Jagger is still extremely sexy. Wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans he gyrated round the stage as he did when he was twenty. The years just rolled back and I was re-living 1963 again.

What is more the youngsters were loving it, just as they did when Dolly Parton headlined the Pyramid Stage this year. They knew they were watching real class, classic rock.

The Stones will rock on into infinity. Mick Jagger has the energy of a fifteen year-old and shows no sign of slowing down.

The Rolling Stones are currently on an Australian tour and gaining even more new fans. Those who grew up in the sixties are now bringing their children and grand children to see them.

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